“Straightforward. Damn good.” — Lord Aswod / Public Enemy

“Salient, pithy and better informed than those in his surroundings who swallow the lies of The Sun and other media outlets propping up the established order, Carrington has a very clear aim at the enemies and causes of poverty, division and hatred.” — Nathan Brown / Louder Than War

“Possesses characteristic determination, mixed with honesty and humility.” — Hope Not Hate

“Slapping me around the face, striking many chords. He made me laugh, he made me angry and he made me cry.” — MJ Black

“The subject matter is grounded in mundane reality, observations on daily life and human behaviour from a working class perspective, shot through with heart and a passion for the craft.” — Personal Punk

“Carrington composes poetry with tremendous anger and energy. Evocative insights into 21st century British life.” — Literary Flits

“Plastic skinhead traitor.” — Redwatch