“Since we announced that we may have to close Bread + Roses, the outpouring of support for what we have achieved and what we offer has been tremendously heartwarming and encouraging. This has instilled faith in what we do and with your support together we believe we can continue fighting for the survival of Bread + Roses.  

“We need to raise £20,000 to allow us to continue trading until the end of January 2023, giving us the time we need to secure grant funding for next year. £10,000 has already been pledged towards this target by Power to Change Community Business Crowdmatch Fund.

If successful we will safeguard the jobs of 3 full-time and 7 part-time employees, continue to provide many volunteer opportunities, as a home for community organisations and small businesses, and a vibrant cafe and community hub for everyone in our proud city. It will also mean we can continue to offer our programme of community wellbeing events and creative workshops, whilst providing an inclusive and welcoming venue that brings the people of Bradford together.

“By setting up this crowdfunder we hope to harness the energy and pride of our community to begin building a sustainable future for our organisation.

With the wind in Bradford’s sail, we hope that you will join us to make our story a story of success!

Our Plan

“Bread + Roses is a place that is cherished by many, a beacon of hope, love, and togetherness in Bradford. We aim to establish a 21st century community hub, but to do so we require ongoing support and funding. To achieve our long term aims and become sustainable we must do the following: 

 – raise £20,000 through our Crowdfunder, to keep us open into 2023.

 – to become a Community Benefit Society and secure long term grant funding to make us sustainable.

 – to establish a new “secondary coop”, apply for the UK Gov Community Ownership Fund, and secure Bread + Roses as a community asset.

About Us

Bread + Roses is home for creativity, enterprise and community action in Bradford that brings together people of diverse backgrounds to allow collaboration of ideas, groups and organisations. 

“Guided by a commitment to building stronger, united and more resilient communities, we aim to create a positive and supportive space for the people of Bradford to come together. Our spaces have been loved by many and we need your support to keep us open!