Fundraiser organised by Dean Booth…

“Hi everyone, we are trying to raise some money to fund Al’s medical bills.

“I’m sure many of you know and love Al as we all do. You may know he has various health problems that he struggles with every day – and usually, Al puts on a brave face and muddles through it as best he can – but he’s recently developed a new health problem. It’s just crippled him and he desperately needs our help to get him back on track.

“Al urgently needs treatment as soon as possible as it is already getting worse, but he can’t get the treatment he needs on the NHS – what little they offer for the kind of health problems Al has isn’t particularly appropriate for his injury and in any case the waiting lists are huge – he will probably be dead by the time he would be seen.

“However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel; privately, treatment options are readily available for him. If they don’t cure this latest problem, they will undoubtedly alleviate it to the point that it is much more manageable so Al can get back to his life.

“We have a treatment plan in place, and we have a practitioner ready to start treatment with a few days notice, but Al cannot afford it himself; he can barely afford to live as it is, and of course, private medical treatment is expensive, but the treatment he needs isn’t so expensive that a few people donating doesn’t drastically improve the situation and help get Als life back on track.”