“This is not an instruction manual”

Bradford-based Punk-Poet. Unskilled Worker. Doing-it-himself. Against the bootlickers and bosses.

from Andy C’s website

Looking for poetry on my bookshelves, I see Dylan Thomas, JOHN COOPER CLARK and ATTILA THE STOCKBROKER. Oh, and a book of zombie-themed poems. Like Shakespeare, it takes a degree to learn how to enjoy much ‘classic’ poetry, something I lack. My personal criteria for enjoying the artform? There must be flow. With this in mind, let’s have a sneak peak at Bradford-based punk-poet Andy C’s latest book, DIY OR DIE.

On The Job serves as a fine introduction to Andy’s style. It has clever use of line breaks, bold capitals and is suffused with the seething frustration of working a soul-destroying job for minimum wage. This is a subject he returns to, most notably on Working Out but also touched on in What’s For Tea?, wherein…

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