“Here we are, at the end of another EZPZ series.

“Juxtaposing themes as one topic was an experiment I started in 2019 with Issue Five: Arid/ /Moisture & thought might be challenging, but I am very happy with the worms it ended up calling out of the woodwork. I’m still tossing around the idea of doing the same thing for the next four, but I won’t damn myself here by making any of those promises.

“Anyway, on to what you came here for.

“This issues was one I’ve been anticipating, being a concept I find myself delving in often & after the state of the last year or so—disconnect resulting in a dependance for technology—I was curious how that might come up in poetry. Of course, it did shine through but you’ll find the same wonderous things SciFi has always given the world, & the same reason it should not be taken too lightly….

“Here are the manifestations, observations, & warnings from several writers spread out across two continents. To learn more, find the bios provided in the back of this zine.”

– A. Lynn Blumer

DIY collection of poetry [2021]

Print / free download available via: PYRE PUBLISHING