This month is the 20th anniversary of the Bradford riots. I didn’t move to the city until 2008, but through a combination of news reports, Google maps and eyewitness accounts from locals I became intrigued to see how some of the areas look today compared to 2001.

I ventured down to a couple of the sites in the Whetley / Manningham area last week. As you can see, what used to be the Upper Globe pub on Toller Lane is now a DIY store. The building is still standing albeit having most of its windows boarded up. Notice the structure – particularly the main doorway – is pretty much the same:

The Upper Globe, 2001 (Wikipedia)
Local DIY, 2021

The Manningham Ward Labour Club was 1 of the worst places hit. The building was firebombed with people still inside. The first photo from BBC News shows the extent of the damage; the photos I took underneath show the grounds from Ashwell Road, which now hosts 2 medical centres, Ashwell and Picton:

Wreckage of Manningham Ward Labour Club, 2001 (BBC)
Ashwell Medical Centre under construction, 2021
Notice the row of terraced houses to the right of the picture
View of Picton carpark where the old tree still stands

For better or worse, history fascinates me. If anyone has any other old photos or info, please get in touch.