“0161 Community is a group made up of local people committed to building strong, unified working class communities across Greater Manchester. We currently offer free art / sport classes and a variety of events in Salford, Chadderton, Fitton Hill, Oldham and central Manchester for people of all backgrounds, uniting to take control of their neighbourhoods. We seek to empower the unheard and provide youth and adults alike with opportunities, skills, guidance and confidence.

“Investing in working class communities is just as important as ever, but the government has cut support for so many youth services, libraries and has abandoned our communities, so we need to do this for ourselves. We’re focused on areas where there is nothing else to do, the places that the people with power forget. Nobody at 0161 gets paid and we are not supported by the state. This is why we have decided to set up a Patreon here.

“3 nights a week we do free boxing classes for kids in local libraries and community centres. There’s a mix of genders, ethnicities and ages – everyone is welcome. The classes are so popular we do two sessions a night for different age ranges. We’re watching the kids learn and grow. We’re bringing people together, engaging and providing opportunities.

“We have art schools throughout the school holidays, and over the next few months we are looking to get our own permanent space to expand the work we do and give more opportunities to everyone!

“0161 never profits, we want things to be free or as cheap as possible so everyone can get involved! Without money we cannot keep building. We can give our time for free but we need support to gather resources – we don’t want anyone to go without.

“Whatever you can give, big or small, is appreciated. Money raised will make sure we continue our activities and keep building working class unity across Greater Manchester.”

0161 COMMUNITY is creating a unified working class community…