Doors 730pm.
First performance 8pm
Free entry, donations on the door for artists
Sophie Sparham
Sophie Sparham is a performance poet and writer from Derby. She is currently editing her second young adult sci-fi and fantasy novel and has just released her first poetry book ‘Please Mind The Gap’.
Her poetry mainly focuses on political and social subjects, such as depression, LGBT and women’s issues. She has performed all around the UK; including festivals such as Y Not, Shambala and the Opera House Stage at Rebellion, the UK’s biggest punk festival.
Sophie’s work has appeared in the People’s History Museum in Manchester, as part of the exhibition ‘Loitering with Intent’. Last year she was featured as one of the UK Young Artists with her collection ‘Dead Air: If they won’t place us in the history books, we’ll write our own stories’. This allowed her to perform poetry in unusual places from market halls to libraries, educating people about forgotten revolutionary figures from history.
Sophie also does creative writing workshops for schools and vulnerable adults. She has worked with QUAD Derby, Leicester City Football Club Community Trust, Women’s Work, Padley Centre, Nottingham Poetry Festival and various schools, both Primary and Secondary.
Laura Taylor:
“She takes the intensely personal and makes it universal. She takes the universal and makes it personal. She is riveting, inspiring, dead hard and incredibly soft at the same time. This is one of the best books of poetry I have ever read.” Attila the Stockbroker
“Laura Taylor is a one woman bundle of energy; gritty, mesmerising, a performance that grabs the attention of the audience to deliver a serious message with a typical Northern wit” by Dom Warwick, Rebellion Punk Festival
“local poet Laura Taylor transfixed the main stage crowd with an absolutely masterly performance. What a wordsmith; there was love, anger, and that passion thing in abundance here. Words that made you laugh, cry…and yes, get angry…Not in a negative kick the cat way, but in a Stand Up And Be Counted / Not In My Name kind of way. Inspiring stuff – Simply Splendid.” Taken from a review of the 3rd Wigan Diggers 2013 event here on Festivals For All
Elizabeth Crossley
Elizabeth Crossley is new to writing and penned her first poem in the summer of 2017.
She is a hippy vegan type with an abiding disdain for the eternally uptight.
She’s an unapologetically left wing woman of a certain particularly peculiar age.
Expect expletives, uncompromising words and whimsy.
Andy Carrington
“Straight-forward. Damn-good” — DJ Lord (Public Enemy)
“Salient, pithy and better informed than those in his surroundings who swallow the lies of The Sun and other media outlets propping up the established order, Carrington has a very clear aim at the enemies and causes of poverty, division and hatred” — Nathan Brown (Louder Than War)
“Slapping me around the face, striking many chords. He made me laugh, he made me angry and he made me cry” — MJ Black
“Carrington composes poetry with tremendous anger and energy. Evocative insights into 21st century British life” — Literary Flits
“Plastic skinhead traitor” — Redwatch
David Holmes – Rebel poet
Punk poetry and social commentary of the highest order!