Some of Salford’s finest creative talent are lining up to oppose the slashing of services and jobs in the city by playing the Salford Against The Cuts fundraiser this Friday at The Crescent pub.

“I am playing this gig for the third year running for the simple reason: I am sick and tired of Salford City Council implementing the Con-Dem cuts” explains Class Actions frontman, Aslan AK “If they had any courage whatsoever they would follow the heroic examples set by Liverpool and Lambeth councils during the 80s and set a ‘needs budget’.

“For the past few years Class Actions has played many political gigs and I promise you we will take no prisoners on or off stage” he adds “I hope to do Karl Marx proud at his former drinking haunt. No to the cuts; no to the Con-Dems and yes to a ‘needs budget’. If Salford Council can tolerate working with someone like Hazel Blears – who, unlike ordinary people, can claim extravagant expenses – then they can at least show some decency and set a ‘needs budget'”

His sentiments are underlined by Aidan Cross, Class Actions vocalist…”The Con-Dems have destroyed the lives of many lower and middle-class people by inflicting the cuts on them. It’s more important than ever that we stand up and show resistance to this regime.”

Joining Class Actions on stage will be urban acts like Explicit, THC and Ellen Shuttleton, with top bands like Trojan Horse, The Moods and Taser Puppets. Plus there a DJ set from Salford street music guru, Markus De Rawkus, fresh from the Barton Community Protection Camp, and there will be a posse of poets including Andy Carrington, Dawne Sheldrick-Keating and Matt Intoxikie Finch, who says he can’t wait to get on stage at The Crescent…

“It’s great to know that I can get my voice out there on stage in my local community, being a Salfordian myself. The Crescent is a brilliant venue and I’ll be on stage ripping up the Sun with Class Actions and also doing a bit of a solo set, performing one of my rap songs and some poetry.”

It should be an ace night, for an ace cause…Salford Against The Cuts (SAC) needs these funds to produce leaflets and hold meetings, telling everyone what is going with the destruction of services and jobs.

We’re going to be needing SAC more than ever in the coming months as another £25million of cuts are announced for next year. At every lobby, picket and demo Salford Against The Cuts people are there supporting community fightbacks – now it’s the community’s turn to support this organisation.

Salford Against The Cuts Fundraiser
Friday 6th December 7pm
Crescent Pub, The Crescent
It’s free entry but there is a suggested voluntary contribution


SALFORD STAR [1/12/13]